12 Inspirations [Visual Artist Statement]

This week I was assigned to write an artist statement in class. It was difficult, so thought I would make a visual artist statement as well – mostly visual that is. While this list could go on forever, here are 12 things that inspire and motivate me as a person and as an artist.

12. Home in the Midwest ~ Exploring the prairie grasslands, lakes and country roads here around home. Jesse enjoys it too. ;)Jesse by Cottonwood Lake

11. Traveling ~ There is so much more.

10.  Seasons ~ Familiar sights, smells, and sounds come along with the changing of each season, bringing waves of old memories, and opportunities for new ones too!

9. Flying ~ Well at least in dreams. And with photoshop.

8. Light ~ How it awakens color in the world around, bringing life and warmth.

7. Color ~ “Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” (O. Wilde)

6. Music ~ Songs created with honesty, creativity and excellence.

5. Time ~ Such an incredible reality of being alive and here in this moment. 
italy jump

4. Children ~ Extravagant love, endless wonder and always full of surprises. 

Allie, Laura and Andrew ~ 1988

3. Listening, Sharing, Understanding ~ Valuing words, expressions of the heart.

2. Relationships ~ Family and friends. Life-giving communities. Joining together with people to enjoy life. Share joys and troubles. Love. Pour into and build up one another. It amazes me how God provides communities like this in every place, every season.

1.  God ~ just being with Him. His presence fulfills every need and desire! When drifting away, caught up in the busyness or temporary pursuits of life, a hunger within begins to grow. At times I try to meet that hunger with everything from 2 to 12 to beyond. These are all beautiful, wonderful, and should be enjoyed and appreciated, but they will never be enough. Jesus, you are our greatest joy! You are the source of life, and have promised that when we choose to take delight in you, you will fulfill ALL the desires of our hearts. You are our eternal delight, because your beauty and glory will never fade…And there is always more! With each moment, we see and experience a new facet of who you are. The thought of spending eternity with you is incredible…and there is no sense in waiting till then to delight in you. You are amazing..

You show me the way of life,
    granting me the joy of your presence
    and the pleasures of living with you forever. 
(Psalm 16:11)


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