Open Book; Blank Page

The sky has been pouring down a strange mixture of rain and ice most of today, making indoors the most wonderful, dry place to be. So as the lightening flashes and thunder rumbles out my window, it’s time for some warm cappuccino and writing. :)

The Open Book

The wind seems to be blowing the pages of life forward rather quickly.. I am often caught between this tension of wanting to gaze back at yesterday and step forward into tomorrow. Flipping though past pages… Sorrows. Joys. Trials. Restoration. Change. Growth. Ultimately beautiful. I love to reminisce and reflect, which is valuable, but it can’t be forgotten that this day, this moment, will soon be yesterday. Will it be embraced or tossed to the side? The pen is touching the paper now. And how are we responding to the potential of this blank, open page?

Faith. Are there any limits to the heart that completely trusts God?  He transforms this story into an adventure of discovery and joy. There is no place for boring when walking with the one who loves us and created us with purpose. And there is too much ahead to just stay where we are, within boundaries of comfort and convenience. As we surrender and rest in Him, His grace empowers us to step forward into the impossible and the unknown with boldness. Faith. But how will this chapter end? How will the story unfold 50 chapters from this page? I am curious of all this, but really the details aren’t necessary. Faith. It’s enough knowing the author. His ridiculously extravagant love. His promises. His faithfulness. He’s here. He’s good.

God is not just a part of this story, but rather the very life of it. Our grand accomplishments, treasures and people we know can never bring real joy and satisfaction. The story will still be dry, directionless and empty. This is real life: Knowing Jesus. He fills each line with substance, value and purpose! When He holds the pen, we find that each day gets better than the last, simply because we are coming to know Him more and more! His eyes twinkle with excitement at the turn of each page, “Come, take my hand, you won’t believe what’s ahead! This is only the beginning. There is so much more!” Even in weakness and inability, His strength rises and fills us. Darkness may overshadow pages, even chapters, but God remains as our constant light and guide. He leads us into victory even if everything seems to be falling down around us.  And there is always more to the story than what we see on the open page.

After the last page of our life here is turned, the book will close, but the story continues on.. we will see our Father face to face in all His fullness! Once again we’ll hear His familiar voice, inviting us to come, “This is only the beginning, take my hand, there is so much more!” And the best part is, this story really has no end..


One thought on “Open Book; Blank Page

  1. How did I not know you had this blog?? I really like the stuff you said about faith and God being the author :)

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