Conversations & Words

Within minutes of a conversation with a new acquaintance, it is often apparent who or what is at the center of their heart. Words come from the overflow of our hearts…and our words will either bring life or death. While some conversations challenge and encourage, others simply suffocate and drain. What are you speaking? How are you speaking? What is your aim? Does your conversation reflect a heart searching for pleasure, success, approval or love? Can people see the presence and love of God in your life, or do they hear an endless list of self-centered commentary? These are questions that God often asks to check my heart..

It is the heart that rests in the love of our Heavenly Father that brings life when it speaks. There is no striving to impress or gain the approval of man here, but rather to serve and love. This heart finds all joy and satisfaction in God, and then spills out to all who come near. This heart knows that he or she stands fully approved by the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. And now this heart carries His presence and brings LIFE when it speaks! It doesn’t condemn or bring shame, but rather draws out the gold, and gives grace to all who hear.  It sees beyond the surface problems of the body and soul, and addresses the core, the heart. Truth is spoken with boldness. Fear is not a factor worth considering when walking with our Daddy. (Who also created the universe.. who raises the sun above the horizon each morning …who conquered death and the grave …yup, Him. )
This heart is alive, and is a light.

It’s by faith in Jesus that we can draw near to God and rest in His embrace. He is our delight. He is our success. As we see ourselves the way that God sees us – His sons and daughters – accepted and loved – then our perspective changes. Our vision changes. Our words change. Simply said,  if we place ourselves on the throne of our hearts, our words and lives will only lead to death, and bring death. But if Christ reigns on the throne of our hearts, He will fill us with eternal life, and we will release that life wherever we go. And whether it be through words, or maybe just silence, God’s presence is enough. So much more than enough. He is everything!

Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear.. (Eph 4:6)


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